Project name
Study area

Finnoo urban planning
Finnoo, Espoo
open international competition
106 ha (built area 210 020 m2)
City of Espoo

The new district of Finnoo is uninhabited at the moment and the nature of the area is going to change from being a harbour, storage and industrial area into an urban unique living environment whose central part is the largest marina in Espoo.
Our entry Haven linked the future underground station to the sea by a canal with public waterbus transport making it unnecessary to use private car. All apartments are provided with seaview, some blocks are even floating or standing on pillars in the bay so that you can park your both just next to your apartment.
The enclosed building blocks are sheltered from the strong winds and provide pleasant outdoor areas for the residents. Each block is different to ensure a rich and variable mosaic like surroundings. Clear degrees of publicity help to build community feeling: all the blocks have a common courtyard where main entrances to stairwells are providing the residents possibilities to meet. Ground floor apartments have small private courtyards bringing life inside the block. There are also various common spaces so that separate apartments can be smaller and land use becomes more effective and sustainable.