Project name

Gross floor area

New housing solutions for people with autism spectrum disorders competition
Runeberginkatu, Kotka
Invited competition entry
2 205 m2
Kastek Oy

People with autism spectrum disorders have a kind of curtain between their inner reality and outside world. They tend to be solitary and they need their own familiar territory. Some of them don't like to see directly outside or to be seen from outside. Our competition entry "verho" (curtain) took this as a starting point.
The building is adapted to the urban setting and it has pitched roof like the nearby houses. The building masses border the site leaving sunny courtyard open and preserving existing trees and boulders. The natural light is filtered to apartments through balcony glazings acting as semitransparent screen between inside and outside. The residents have possibility to choose the desired amount of publicity moving the sliding panels. They can also choose their apartment colors which gives the ethereal building interesting variation. Like in the winning entry on the Otsonkatu street, we did the competition together with Freja Ståhlberg-Aalto.