Project name
Gross floor area

Kekkilä Home&Garden product design
-10 m2
Kekkilä Garden

Kekkilä modular garden shed range is a unique combination of garden shed and greenhouse, ideal for small-scale cultivation, and the storage of gardening tools. Four different sheds – to suit all gardening dreams and garden types – can be built from the various shed modules. Garden Shed Rest, equipped with a pergola between the shed and greenhouse, is the perfect choice for those who like to take time out from gardening and relax with a cup of coffee, for example. Due to its modular structure, the shed is easy to assemble. It is a durable, Finnish-made quality product, constructed from Finnish wood and toughened safety glass. The Associaton of Finnish garden product retailers chose the shed as the best product of the year 2010.
The green vitrine is meant for small scale gardening on the balconies and terraces. It combines groving and storage in the same way as the shed. Adjustable metal shelves enable groving tall plants like tomato. Automatic opener in the roof controls the temperature inside the vitrine.