Project name
Gross floor area

Open competition finalist
1650 m2

The old Ylivieska church was burnt in 2016 and an architectural competition was organized for a new building. Our entry Tähti (star) was planned as a compact rectangular mass in order to preserve the valuable park area and orientated in the same directions as the old cruciform church. We pushed the sides in a bit to create defined outdoor spaces around the building. The high pitched roof refers to the burnt church's volume without imitating it. The facades are covered with patinated copper shingles.

The triangular form of the entrance hall creates a forced perspective making the space feel bigger than the real size. The church hall has diamond shape so that the feeling is intimate during the services even with few people. Adjacent congregation hall can be joined to the main hall. All surfaces are covered with wood and the CLT beams forming the load bearing structure brake the big scale of the hall. Restful views open up to the church park from the interior spaces.