Anu Puustinen
Architect SAFA, Partner
+358 40 577 3022

Anu is co-founder of Avanto Architects Ltd, studied at TU Delft Netherlands and Aalto University where she graduated as Master of Science in 2004. Anu is passionate about architecture and wants to develop her projects to perfection working hard even on smallest details. She has impeccable talent to create unique atmosphere to each design and she doesn't give up until she is fully satisfied with the results.

Ville Hara
Architect SAFA, Partner
+358 50 353 1095

Ville is the other founder of Avanto Architects Ltd and studied at Ecole d'Architecture Paris-Belleville and Aalto University where he graduated as Master of Science in 2002. Ville is creative person that develops concepts out of the box like his winning entry in Wood Studio student competition, the lookout tower Kupla, that became his diploma project as well. On the other side he is very precise and requires high accuracy in the design.

Kai van der Puij
Architect SAFA, interior designer SIO
+358 40 823 58 81

Kai graduated with a double master’s degree from the Helsinki University of Technology in architecture in 2006 and from the University of Art and Design in interior architecture in 2000. He has worked as a lecturer in Lahti Institute of Design and he is currently teaching in Aalto University.
Kai has designed both public and residential buildings and he has participated in challenging renovation projects. His furniture has been exhibited in several exhibitions in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Milan. His light artwork has been shown in several festivals in Helsinki, Roma, Hildesheim and Mexico City.

Eero Holopainen
+358 40 760 1591

Eero graduated from Aalto University in 2022 and studied also at Kyoto Institute of Technology. His diploma was inspired by the year in Japan and about Metabolism. Despite his young age, Eero has already a long experience from leading Finnish offices and special knowledge on working with BIM-modeling. He is interested in timber constructions and working in complex existing urban structure.

Veronika Farvozdinova
Architect SAFA
+358 40 367 3064

Veronika is an architect at Avanto, graduated from both Ural State University of Architecture as well as from Aalto University where she obtained her master's degree. In her studies, she focuses on wood architecture and construction, nevertheless she is ready to dive into and solve any design issues with passion and responsibility. Veronika likes to emphasize graphic presentation in her works as a means to communicate ideas.

Hiroko Mori
+358 45 8916879

Hiroko majored in architectural design with a bachelor' s degree from Tokyo Denki University in 2006. She continued studies at Keio University and was qualified as a first-class architect in 2011. She joined the Aalto University Wood Program 2014–2015. Hiroko is hard working, ambitious and very talented developing innovative wooden structures. Her design was selected as a winner at Wood Program student competition and her built Säie pavilion was selected as one of the best student projects 2015 worldwide by ArchDaily.

Arttu Laine
ICT specialist
+358 40 551 3841

Arttu is our expert in ICT and very fast to solve even the trickiest computer related problems. He takes care that all our files are backuped on an external server and all our hardware is running smoothly. He is available always when needed and has patience to instruct us and teach the tricks to keep things going.