Loki Tower

Espoonlahti center is changing fast as the western extension of the underground line is getting ready. Espoon Asunnot asked us to develop a site with poor quality housing from 80’s. As there was no way to preserve the existing buildings, we proposed a high-rise building that forms a landmark for the now characterless area and a new entrance when arriving from the East. The hybrid building houses commercial and office spaces on lower floors to activate the street level whereas the upper floors are reserved for housing. The uppermost floors are recessed so that the common spaces on 22nd floor get a spacious terrace with sea views. Loki Tower name refers to log and navigation on the sea. The fa├žade is clad with grating inspired by old sea beacons: each elevation has different pattern showing the compass orientation.

Espoonlahti, Espoo
Design and construction
Gross floor area
11450 m²
Espoon Asunnot