Showroom exhibition architecture

The exhibition stands are grouped in rectangular islands floating free in space and creating small squares in between. Instead of typical fair layout based on straight corridors, moving in the labyrinthine space is an interesting experience. There is no general lighting. The stands are marked out with sharp edge spot lights highlighting the dramatic atmosphere.

All exhibition structures are clad with reflecting mirror surfaces that make them visually disappear. As the walls reflect each other, the boundaries of space start blurring and the space feels infinite. The mirror multiply the area they border and maximize visibility the exhibitors’ visibility. Multiplying refers to industrial serial production as well. Seeing your own reflection creates surprises and a playful atmosphere. The visitor is in interaction with the space and becomes part of exhibition architecture.

In addition to general design we created an exhibition stand for Barrisol producing stretched ceilings. Instead of typical material samples and representation material of projects we designed an interesting cave like space that demonstrates how the product can be pulled to almost any form.

Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre
Design and construction
Gross floor area
3450 m²
Messukeskus and Barrisol